Black Pepper


Specifications :

Product :

Black Pepper

 Usage :


Harvesting Season :

Jan., Dec.

Shelf Life :

1 Year From Production Date.

Storage Condition :

Cool And Dry (20 C).

Type :

Machine Clean

Botanical Name :

Piper Nigrum

Description :

Black Pepper (Piper Nigrum) Is A Flowering Vine In The Family of Piperaceae, Cultivated For Its Fruit, Which Is Usually Dried And Used As A Spice And Seasoning. The Fruit, Known As A Peppercorn When Dried, Is Approximately 5 Millimetres (0.20 In) In Diameter, Dark Red When Fully Mature, Like All Drupes, Contains A Single Seed. Peppercorns, And The Powdered Pepper Derived From Grinding Them, May Be Described Simply As Pepper, More Precisely As Black Pepper, White Pepper, Or Green Pepper. Green Peppercorns Are Simply The Immature Black Peppercorns.

Also Referred to As the “King Of Spice,” Black Pepper Is Incredibly Popular Among Spices Since Ancient Times. Peppercorn Is Native To The Tropical Evergreen Rain Forest Of South Indian Kerala State, From Where It Spread To the Rest Of The World Through Indian And Arab Traders. Pepper Fruit, Also Known As The Peppercorn, Is Actually A Berry Obtained From The Pepper Plant.

Pepper Is Largely Used By Meat Packers And In Canning Black Pepper Pickling, Baking, Considering For Its Preservative Value. It Has The Ability To Correct The Seasoning Of Dishes, Therefore Used As A Final Dash At The End Of Cooking To Effectively Adjust The Flavour.

It Is An Important Component Of Culinary Seasoning Of Universal Use And Is An Essential Ingredient Of Numerous Commercial Foodstuffs. It Is Also Used As An Ingredient In Spice Mixes. White Pepper Is Used In Products Like Mayonnaise Where Black Specks Of Pepper Are Not Liked.

Health Benefits :

Black Ground Pepper: Stops Bleeding, Sprinkle A Generous Amount On A Cut & Voila! Pain Free.

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