Yellow Mustard Powder


Specifications :

Product :

Yellow Mustard Powder

Color :

Light Yellow

Admixture : 

0.5% Max

Moisture :

9% max

Ash :

5% max

Shelf life :

2 Years if stored Properly

Description :

Riddhifood is a Mustard powder Exporter from India. Yellow Mustard powder is the powdered form of yellow whole mustard. It is used as a spice to provide a hot and strong flavor to the food. Mustard seed powder is used in the preparation of sauces, cheese and egg dishes, pickles, curries, etc. Yellow mustard powder is mixed with water and bear to give a different taste to the food. We are one of the popular exporters of mustard powder from India.

Yellow Mustard Powder has no aroma when dry, but a hot flavor is released when it is mixed with water. Before using, mix Mustard Powder with water to form a paste. It takes about 10 minutes for the mustard flavor to develop. Unlike other pungent spices, Mustard’s flavor does not build or persist. We offer the best FOB Price, Quality, and Customer Support. We offer FSSAI Certified Mustard Powder.

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