Split Roasted Peanuts


Specifications :

Product :

Split Roasted Peanuts​

Shelf Life :

4-5 Month

Moisture :

2% To 4%

Packaging Type :


Packaging Size :

loose packing 20kg

Description :

Split Roasted Peanuts Are A Delicious Snack Made From Peanuts That Have Been Roasted, Split Open, And Salted. These Peanuts Are Usually Roasted In Their Shells, Which Adds A Crunchy Texture To The Snack. Split Roasted Peanuts Can Be Eaten As-is Or Used As An Ingredient In A Variety Of Recipes. They Are A Popular Addition To Salads, Trail Mixes, Cookies, And Other Baked Goods. They Are Also Often Used As A Topping For Ice Cream And Frozen Yogurt. Split Roasted Peanuts Are A Healthy And Nutritious Snack That Can Be Enjoyed Anytime.

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