Dehydrated White Onion Flake


Specifications :

Product :

Dehydrated White Onion Flake

Botanical Name :

Allium Cepa


Natural White

Taste / Flavour :

Fresh, Aromatic & Spicy, From Mild To Pungent, Characteristic Of Onion

Odour :

Typical, Mild To Pungent, According To Species, Free From Foreign Odour.

Storage Condition :

Cool And Dry (20 C).

Description :

Onion Is One Of The Oldest Spices Known To the Human Race. Onions Are Used For Cooking And Salad. Pungent Varieties Are Used As Condiment For Flavoring the Number Of Food Items. Dehydrated Onion Is Increasingly Becoming Popular As Spice And For Vario. Dehydrated Onion Can Be Further Value Added By Producing Dehydrated White Onion Powder, Dehydrated White Onion Flakes, And Dehydrated White Onion Granules. It Is Easy To Pack, Quality Controlled, And Transported Easily For Global Destinations. Dehydrated Onions Are Used Extensively In Pickles, Curries, Sauces, Medicine, And So On In Place Of Fresh Onions.

We Procure From Directly Onion Cultivated Places & Processors Where The Processed Followed In Well Equipped Dehydration Unit Where Dehydrated Onion is Procured From Fresh Onion. In Whole Dehydration Process, Fresh Onion Passes From Many Steps And Testing & Sorting Then Store At Particular Temperature. So That Material Property Remains the Same And Maintains Shelf Life. Here We Offer the Best Quality Dehydrated Onions In Various Forms Like Flakes, Chopped, Minced, Powder, and Granules.


Fast Food, Snack Foods, Food Service Packs, Stuffing Mixes, Pickled Products, Meat Products, Sea Food Products, Recipes, Canned Foods, Salad Dressing, Dips, Bottle Packs, Seasoning, Bakery Topping, Gourmet Sauces, Seasoning, And In Many Other As Ingredients.

Chemical Data:

Moisture: Max. 6%

SO2: Max. 50 PPM

Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides : Not Detectable.

Microbiological Data:

Total Plate Count : Max 1,50,000 /G

Coliform Germs : Max 10 / G

E-Coli : Negative In 1 G

Yeast & Mould : Max.100 / G

Salmonella : Negative In 25 G

Bacillus Cereus : Max 10 / G

Staphylococcus Aureus : Negative In 1 G

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